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Instruction for Using Dir-N-Fin



How to use the Dir-N-Fin Deer Scent Holder, Yardage Marker

The Dir-N-Fin deer scent / attractant dispenser is simple and easy to use.

Just follow the instructions below for years of successful hunting.

1.Remove the top of the container.

2 .The container in the center with slots you fill with cotton balls.

3.Pour scent over the cotton balls.

4. Leave top off and set the holder at the yardage desired.

5. Clean after use

6. Replace the protective cap.


To use as a Yardage Marker for Gun or Bow Hunting

Pick the area for your best possible shot.

Pace off he distance from your shooting position, blind or tree stand.

Place the deer scent dispenser in the ground.

You're now ready.

When Bow Hunting, you will know the pin to use on your bow.

The scent holder works the same when Gun Hunting, just mark the distance of 100yds, 150yds, 200yds, 300yds for the perfect shot when the animal stops to smell the scent.

You don't have to have a tree - bush or limb to hang the scent holder on. You can stick the scent holder in the ground where ever you wont. So you can have the best shot possible. This deer lure may be used in a wooded area or clearing.






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