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How We Started

I grew up in a small community in Florida. Hendry County is located South of Lake Okeechobee and North of Big Cypress Indian Reservation. Hunting and fishing were the main attraction if you were an outdoor person. My buddies and I grew up hunting deer, turkey, hogs, gators and other game as well. We hunted mostly from jeeps and wheel buggies.

The idea of the Scent Holder and Yardage Marker came to me when I started hunting in South Georgia from a tree stand. I was positioned in my tree stand (bow in hand) when a buck came walking into the clearing stopping with his head hidden behind a tree. I drew back on my bow and made the perfect shot. I went home with a buck and thinking to myself, “this was easy”!

The next time I went hunting in Georgia, I placed my climbing stand in a tree. I did not check any yardage or put out markers to know the distance. I climbed confidently in the tree stand feeling a little like Robin Hood. A deer walked into the clearing and stopped broad side. I thought to myself, “this is the perfect shot”. I pulled back on my arrow and it whizzed past the deer. I continued to shoot arrow after arrow and missed every shot. I thought, “Robin Hood”, right. I was just glad no one saw me. The next day, I decided to place sticks and whatever I could find to mark my distance. I needed 10-20-30 yards to know the distance to shoot if a deer walked into the clearing. This would also help determine which pin to use on the bow for a good clean shot. This is when the good Lord gave me the idea for the Scent Holder and Yardage Marker.

The Scent Holder and Yardage Marker will be great for bow, cross bow, shot gun, rifle, black powder, pistol and any other type of hunting weapon. It can be used with all different types of scents. Think of all the possibilities with this product. I hope this product will be a great asset on your next hunting experience and for years to come.

Thank you for using our product and more importantly, no matter what you enjoy doing in life, always put God first!

God Bless!!!






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