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Deer Scent Holder and Yardage Marker

Use for Gun Hunting Bow Hunting or Wildlife Photography

The unique design of the "Scent Holder Yardage Marker" is well made in the USA! This durable design will last for many years. With this design its easy to use and helps keep the scent off your hands and clothes.

The Scent Holder Yardage Marker is designed for hunters to position liquid scent around the deer stand at a pre-determined distance. You do not need a tree, bush, or limb to hang the scent holder. The scent holder sticks in the ground in the area you want the deer to stop. This lets you know the exact yardage or distance for the perfect shot. Decorated in Truetimber Camo®.

Bow hunters can put out multiple scent holders at different yardages, letting you know the exact pin on your bow to use for the perfect shot.

This Scent Holder Yardage Marker will give gun hunters and bow hunters the best shot possible by giving the exact yardage at any distance.

The Scent Holder Yardage Marker is like no other and is compatible with all the different scents, deer lures and wild game attractants available, such as Deer, Hog, Coyote, Bear, Fox, Raccoon and many others. Use this easy-to-use lure for all types of hunting.

The Scent holder is light weight and well made for many years of use.

The tight fitting cap stops the release of scents so it may be carried in a backpack or vehicle without fear of contamination. Its also washable and easily cleaned.

This scent dispenser is a great yardage marker for Bow Hunting to mark the distance they desire from 10yds to 40yds and more. Eliminates guess work.

You will know the pin to use on your Bow when the animal stops to smell the scent holder. This will help you make the perfect shot every time.

The Dir-N-Fin scent holder and distance marker works the same when Gun Hunting to mark the distance they desire. and it takes out the guess work for the perfect shot.

With the Scent Holder Yardage marker you know the distance will be correct.



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